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Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead-LettuceButterhead lettuce is considered the best flavored variety of all, and its popularity in the US is on the rise. It has a round, compact head with smooth, slightly open leaves, looking a lot like a rose, and is available in green and red. It has exceptional crispiness and very sweet flavor, with no bitterness at all. The leaves are tender, hence the name “butter”.

Romaine Lettuce

The queen of Caesar salad is known for its long head and dark green leaves, and is sometimes referred to also as Cos lettuce. Both names suggest its origins: Romaine – after the City of Rome, where it was cultivated in the Pope’s gardens of the Vatican, or Cos – named by the Geeks who grew it on the isle of Kos.

Romaine lettuce has long robust leaves, with a prominent white stem. This lettuce has the darkest green leaves, making it the most nutritious of all lettuce types, and is packed with vitamin K, A and folate.

Specialty Products

Specialty ProductsWe can grow leafy greens especially for your needs.
Interested in curly leaf lettuce? Kale? Bock choy? Special mixes of red and green varieties?
Let us know and we will be happy to collaborate with you.
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